Exclusive experiences.

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We invented a word for our philosophy; and named it SPECTRAH
The Science of Pairing Empathy and Culinary Tourism to Revitalize Altruism and Human Talent.



Behind this philosophy lies a spectrum of a range of qualities, ideas and values related to the human being and his love for food, for people, and for sharing.

Food is a universal language that we all speak and eating is one of the few travel activities that engages the five senses… a more powerful reason to understand the science of pairing food and travel, both becoming a twined perfect couple that can never be separated.


- Today, we view food travel as part of the tourism ecosystem
- FOOD is the bridge between the land and the culture.
- There is no better way to understand a culture than through its food and the people behind it
- FOOD is a five fold long lasting impact. It involves all five human senses


Be it in an agricultural context, appreciating farmers’ labor and hard work, savoring food where flavors originate, enjoying a city’s specialty street food, visiting a chocolate factory, touring in the vineyards and visiting the cellars or dining in a Michelin star restaurant… any of these activities embraces the SPECTRAH approach, where people are always behind the hard and smart work at harvesting the seeds of cuisine.



- Empathy: We understand the hard and smart work that the human being invests at harvesting the seeds of cuisine and other culinary and food activities.
- Altruism: We express the honest desire to appreciate and share other people’s achievements in the culinary field.
- Human Talent: The human being is the heart of our gourmet and culinary journeys. We believe culinary arts are shaped with core humane ingredients; craftsmanship, devotion and love.
- Passion: We are passionate about culinary travel. We manifest a deep and strong desire to travel the world, motivated by our passion to embark on unique and memorable culinary experiences. 

Travel the Land, People and Cuisine –signed LPC- Le Passeport Culinaire